Coresteady Set of 4 Mini Loop Premium Resistance Bands. Portable for use in the gym, at home or outdoors. Ideal for improved strength, flexibility, lean muscle definition, toning and the perfect accompaniment to your fitness regime.



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Set of 4 Premium Resistance Loop Bands. Each set includes:

• Light Band (30cmx5cm)
• Medium Band (30cmx5cm)
• Heavy Band (30cmx5cm)
• X-Heavy Band (30cmx5cm)
• Carry Bag

Material - Natural Latex

For use in the gym, at home or outdoors. Our set of 4 Mini Loop Resistance bands are the perfect accompaniment to all fitness regimes, from CrossFit to Yoga or Pilates. Made from natural latex with non stick coating, we guarantee the ultimate quality in strength, durability & elasticity.

✔ Highest Quality - 100% natural latex.
✔ Non Stick Coating - For maximum comfort and ease of use.
✔ Versatile - Exercise options for all muscle groups.
✔ Portable - Use at home, in the gym or on the go.
✔ Physical Therapy - Ideal for injury rehabilitation and improved mobility.

For improved strength, flexibility or lean muscle definition and toning, there are a variety of exercise options to choose from.

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