5 Different Resistance Levels:

• Red - Lightest | Width 1.3cm | 7-15kg resistance
• Black - Light | Width 2.2cm | 10-30kg resistance
• Purple - Medium | Width 3.2cm | 15-40kg resistance
• Green - Strong | Width 4.5cm | 22-56kg resistance
• Blue - Strongest | Width 6.4cm | 30-80kg resistance

Material - Natural Latex
Band Circumference - 208cm (continuous loop)
Band Thickness - 4mm

Improve your strength and range of motion across all major muscle groups. Our multi-layered latex bands allow for controlled muscle tension in multiple directions, ideal for resistance training, stretching and flexibility exercises.

Coresteady Recommends:
Red Band - Stretching, mobility and injury prevention
Black Band - Light resistance training (arm curl, shoulder press, pushups)
Purple Band - Resistance training (squats, deadlift, upright row)
Green Band - Assisted pull-ups (body weight between 45kg - 90kg)
Blue Band - Assisted pull-ups (body weight above 90kg)

Choosing the right band depends on your level of strength and weight. Please view our pull up and exercise guides in the photos section if you are unsure which band to purchase.

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